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EVENT - Känn jordens andetag (Västkusten)
tis 08 jan 2019, 21:00 av Admin
En prompt har triggrat ett mindre event som drabbar hela Numooris västkust. En kraftig jordbävning skakar sent på kvällen hela västkusten, och skalvet går att känna långt in på fastlandet även på andra sidan bergskedjan. Skalvet varar i flera minuter, och är starkt nog att orsaka stora svallvågor, jordskred, öppna djupa fåror i bergen, och välta träd i de närliggande skogsområdena.

Läs rollspelet som startade …

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Gott Nytt 2019 Numoori!
mån 07 jan 2019, 22:12 av Yargol
Gott nytt år allesammans!

En vecka in i 2019 och Numoori startar starkt! 2018 var ett lite långsamt Numoori-år för många av oss, men trots det så kämpar vi på. Mellan nya officiella platser, gamla tempel, en helt ny infosida, zombiejägare och flera nya medlemmar från olika håll i världen, så har det sakta börjat sjuda i flockarna och spänningen stiger runtom i landet när rollspelspromptarna tar fart.

En större nyhet …

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 In plain sight [Shona]

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Spelas av : Wonszu

InläggRubrik: In plain sight [Shona]   mån 10 sep 2018, 23:17

A small head popped out from taller grass, and spoon around like a gyroscope. It dissapeared, plants shaking around in a squigly line till the muzzle appeared again, few meters further. Her owner sighed and dissappeared again. "I am so lost." Brzana felt like her tiny paws are going to fall appart soon. She was not used to long walks. She was a grace in water but he rolly-polly-body was giving her more trouble on land. She wheezed and murmured to herself. "You can't live here anymore, they said. You will find plenty of lakes and food on plains, they said."

     The small serpier was certainly not used to this. In comparition to her old home the plains were... well... plain. Flatter. Exposing. No place to hide really and for someone of her stature it posed a threat. On flat lands animals were BIGGER. And FASTER. And she was very small and flimsy. There was also a problem of not really knowing where she is suppose to go. Or where she is now at this point... The need for a new home or at least temporary place to live pushed her further into the land. Autumn already came and migrating was not an intended activity before winter. She needed to stack on food instead of having a journey of her life! She should gain more rolls, not loose them!

     At least she had a little package of dried off fishes, made of two large leaves intertwined with reed, currently firmly strapped to her back. A kind gesture of hunters, who made her leave her homeland in the first place.

     Brzana was not aware that she got an attention from someone who liked the content of her small backpack... a sizable boar nearby lifted his head, snout moving at the smell of free meal. The only warning he gave to small serpier was a grunt and rustle of grass...
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Ninjavarg av Kiga

Spelas av : Älg

InläggRubrik: Sv: In plain sight [Shona]   lör 27 okt 2018, 19:41

Her sensitive nose picked up the scents around her. There was however only one that was of interest to her: that of a wild bore. Every other scent was shortly registered and then soon forgotten. Every other scent but one. Well, two to be exact. That of another wolf and... fish? A small wrinkle appeared on Shonas forehead. They wouldn't have been such a big deal hadn't it been for the fact that the closer she got to her prey, the closer the other two smells became.

The slender female casually walked through the grass, her head at a neutral height. She wasn't worried about making too much noise: she had that part covered. And the wild pigs had such bad eyesight that she could get up right behind it without it noticing her. Soon both the animal she sought and the unknown wolf came into her field of view. It was a small little lady, in height at least. In body length she was much bigger than Shona. The boar was so focused on the other wolf that it didn't even notice her.
    The ninja let her energy flow in to the ground and with one, swift movement she tipped the animal over on it's side and away from the smaller female. A sharp spike from hardened dirt pierced its head and soon the screams fell silent.
    "You okay?"
Shona looked at the other one with a soft smile.

[Okay, listen up my dude. This is as good as it's gonna get at the moment xD It's been too long since I wrote anything here]
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In plain sight [Shona]
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